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Zone Diet Basics For Old People

Doug-LaLonde1I’m going to talk about the Zone Diet Basics from a completely different perspective.  Because my life is very different now – than when I first started writing this Blog. I’m a lot older now. I haven’t been “In The Zone” for a long time and my health has taken a turn for the worst.

First of all, let’s talk about the meaning of being “in” the Zone…

The easiest way for me to explain what being in the zone means is simply to say; “It is a method of using food to modulate hormonal responses”.  Weird eh?

You’re probably wondering – why is hormonal modulation important. The simple answer to that question is that: the quality of your health is directly proportionate to your body’s hormonal balance.

Hormonal Modulation With Food

The thing that is really cool about this concept is that you can balance your hormonal system easily with the food that you eat.

And the “key” to hormonal balance (using food), is insulin. Insulin is a hormone and keeping insulin in a tight “zone” will, for all practical purposes, cause the rest of your hormones to be in “balance”.

In other words;  You will be In The Zone. It’s really as simple as that.  And you keep your insulin levels in a tight “zone” with the foods that you eat – and don’t eat.

Hormonal Balance For “Old People”

OK – this Blog Post is supposed to be about Zone Diet Basics where it concerns Old People, right? Right – so now I’ll expound on that idea.

After being “In The Zone” for 4 or 5 years I suddenly stopped. I have no clue why I stopped but I did. At that time I was in the best shape I had ever been in.

I worked out, ran 3 to 5 miles three or four times a week and did fairly heavy resistance training. I also did Boxing training…  Heavy bag, speed bag, jumping rope, etc.

Then I stopped everything. I quit working out and I started eating anything I felt like eating.

Within months I was worse off than before I started Zoning.

Now I have attained the ripe old age of 61 years. And my health isn’t worth a damned.

So it’s time to get BACK into the Zone!

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  For the next several months I’m going to be documenting my progress on this Blog. Here’s (kind of), how it’s going to work.

#1.  I’m going to keep my insulin levels in a tight “zone” by eating balanced meals and snacks.

I’m going to show you how I do this…  I’ll show you the snacks and meals I eat. Keep in mind I haven’t been “in the zone” for over 10 years. I don’t know (at the time of this writing), what meals and snacks I am going to eat while I’m attempting to return to the “Zone”.

So this is going to be like starting over. It’s going to be good for you too, especially if you’ve never “Zoned” because you’ll see what snacks and meals I come up with (and why), to keep my insulin levels in an acceptable “zone”.

#2. I’m going to start working out again. First slowly and then as I get into shape I will attempt to reach the workout intensity that I was doing 10, (or more), years ago.

Get Into The Zone With Me!

That’s what I’m inviting you to do. I’ve got this great Blog where you can keep up on how I’m doing.  I’ve got a half decent video camera and I intend to make short (hopefully interesting), videos of the snacks and meals I use to get into the Zone and later when I’m in good enough shape to work out – I’ll make workout videos.

So, if you’re interested;  Come along with me. I guarantee:  That if you do what I’m doing in these posts – that I’m writing from here on out on this Blog – You WILL be in the best shape you can be in.

So, I’m going to go ahead and Post this now. This is the first post I’ve made to this Blog in years (a lot of years). But I promise you that this Blog is going to be updated almost daily from here on out.

Bookmark this site and keep visiting. I’ll show you how an Old Man gets BACK into The Zone!

Talk To You Later,





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